1. Sensiflex is a revolutionary measuring system for various industries. The flexibility lies in the patented projection reception technology making it easy to implement in various situations and meet customer demands. The projector projects a special image that is partially received by a highly sensitive sensor after which it is processed. This results in a multi purpose highly accurate height, sideways, torque (twist) and distance measuring solution. We can monitor constructions; bridges, sinking of houses, tunnels and roofs to prevent them from collapsing.
3. We develop and produce the technology in a tight relation with our partner NIKHEF (National Institute for Subatomic Physics). At CERN in Geneva already 8000 products have been succesfully implemented and since June 2010 we have implemented our first commercial order at Fugro to monitor the Weena tunnel in Rotterdam.
2. This alignment system could be applied more general as monitor of (slow) mechanical deformations, and as displacement monitor. A system, mounted on a building fundament, could detect minute deformations as early warning for sagging. It could be attractive for the security industry. With our product installed in a floor, alarms can be triggered when someone walks over it.